Fart Basel Award, 2008!

Cutest Couple: Max/Terrence Koh

Best Dressed: Max
Most Camera Shy: Max

Drunkest Asshole: Max

Most Easily Entertained: Max (ass always)

Most Coke Blown: Actually, This one goes to Terrence Koh (again)

Gayest Prisoner: Andrew

Worst Warhol Impression: Andrew
Biggest Art-Related Injury: Andrew
Most Eyes: Andrew (it was close!)

Biggest Snake Between the Legs: Max (as usual!)

Most Arms Wrestled: MAX!

Gayest Time Ever: MAX!

Most Rude to Tourists: Max!

Nicest Local Ever: Andrew
Gayest Presentation of Gayest Car Ever: Max!
Whitest African Chick Ever: Lissy!

Most Opposed to Rubber: Andrew
Most Ambitious: Max!
Most Observant: Max

Loudest: Andrew
Biggest Meat-Licker: Max
Best Kitty: This one.
Biggest Fear of Sequins: Max
Fuzziest Black People Ever: These things!

Most Racially Accepting: Max!
Biggest Phonies Ever: These guys!
Most Allergic to Real Dogs: Andrew
Most Telekinetic: Max!

Ugliest Baby Ever: MaxDrew