Max’s Petting Zoo presents…

 “Artists for Sale”

…at the Edgar Ace Gallery!

MIAMI, FL – In this rough economy, local student/model Max Emerson and twin artists Paul and John Physioc have been forced to find residence in the Edgar Ace Gallery for the last days of their semester at the University of Miami.

“It just sucks that three smart, handsome, very well-endowed kids can’t manage to pay the bills.“ Says Paul Physioc, “I’m not saying our lives suck, though… In fact, Mr. Ace even said we could throw a party!”

For a ten-dollar donation (“waived w/ any art purchase”), guests are permitted to explore the boys’ abode, hang out late and check out art from a variety of UMiami students. Complimentary drinks will be offered ‘college-style’.

Max had this to say; “’Artists For Sale’ is a one-night-only interactive exhibition geared towards raising money for student artists. We haven’t sidled up with a popular charity because we ARE a charity! We’re inviting the normally not-so-artistic art community into our lives because we want their support. We also want them to question what the word ‘art’ is even supposed to mean. Yeah Paul, John, Jean-Paul, Ricardo, Mackenzie, David, Oscar, Dane and everyone else are talented and produce great work… painting, drawing, film, whatever… But who’s to say my underpants can’t be art?”

Although the gallery closes at one AM, these three boys aim to entertain all night long! One lucky attendee will even win a second date with the three boys during the ten o’clock raffle!

“I know the porn convention is going to be in town that whole week…” John said during his interview, “I’m going to work my magic and see if I can get a few friends to show up! ”

“Artists for Sale” Takes place on Saturday, May 9 from 8:00PM-1:00AM

The Edgar Ace Gallery (in Miami’s Design District):

7520 NE 4th Ct. Miami, FL 33138