New Reel- Now with 30% MORE NINJA!

Updated to include NINJA REEL @ final 30 seconds!


My apologies for being so absent. I know most of you die-hard fans have already killed yourselves after I disappeared last Fall... my bad about that. 

There have been many many adventure since the last post. We've been between Miami, New York, California, Boston, DC, Jersey (the Andy Dick of states) Ohio (O, ya!), Aruba (yes, it's a state) and I hope a few dreams since the last update...There is some good news, though. Max Vicious is no longer technically 'homeless' and has decided to occupy an apartment on Wall Street after getting kicked out of Zucotti Park back in November (I feel safe divulging this information, as my recent stalker has been killed in a freak billiards-related accident.)


Until Now

This is NOT to say I'm no longer a nomad (don't insult me). Things have been more centralized, but are by no means less exciting or hectic.

For now, enjoy a Vicious tour of New York Fuggin City.

Fashion WeekThey get brave in the Subways because they outnumber you a gazillion to one

Brooklyn. Because I am SO hood.
Okay, back to Wall Street before we get mugged. I can't take you fairies anywhere but fancy...Somebody "shushed" me in here last week. I haven't been shushed since middle school! There were a few billiards related accidents in this building. Kind of eerie.
Smokeable AstroTurf
What home is complete without 700+ pictures (mostly self portraits) to cover your Wall?
The new secret spot.