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What NOT to do at Your Wedding

Last episode of the Asian Edition. Don't try this at home.


The Vicious Guide to Japan

Today is my last day in Tokyo, and also my 24th birthday. We’re shooting the campaign for a new clothing brand called Arnold Palmer (think Marc Jacobs, but with a splash of lemonade) The timing couldn’t have been better! 

As with any photo shoot, there is plenty of downtime to write this final Asian Edition entry:

The Vicious Guide to Japan

Capital: Tokyo

Symbol: a dead whale under a rising sun (they are lobbying to change it to that awesome robot-toilet)

Population: 127 million, approx density of 2million-jillion per square kilometer

Languages: Japanese, hand signs

Food: sushi (anything from fish to horse to chicken is fair game... and delicious), katsu, soybean everything

Religions: Dragonball Z, Pok√©mon, Hello Kitty and One Piece. There is also a small contingent that ritually prays to the Shinkansen high-speed train system (of which I am a devout member). 

Infrastructure: best roads and public transit in the world, although there are only four public trash cans in the entire city of Tokyo... and they’re all ‘recyclables-only’

National Pastimes: waiting in line, crossing the street, smoking (everywhere), taking too many photos, video game bars, video game arcades, video-game theme-parks, video game conventions, video game themed cosplay, molesting women in the subway, bukkake, sumo wrestling and baseball... all while being completely adorable!

Natural resources: anime, giant lizard-monsters, way too many alphabets

Exports: funny looking cars, disposable fashion, over-valued collectibles for nerds, tsunami-relief concerts, three-eyed fishes

Well known fact: Japan has the world’s lowest homicide rate, but the highest suicide rate.

Little known fact: nobody here is actually a ninja. Except KFM and me.